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At the Ressò Music School we offer the possibility to do music lessons oriented to the preparation for the exam of access to the Middle Level Conservatory.

In these music classes the theoretical part (musical language) and the practical part (instrument) are worked.

The results throughout our trajectory have always been exellent.


I started my musical studies at Ressò, Centre d’estudis musicals, where I studied piano, violin and singing.

My experience has been very good both in the exam preparation and in the training they have given me.

So if you want to start an instrument or run a formal exam, I think it’s a good center.

Personally, I’m very happy about my path there and the way I’ve been able to build based on the knowledge I have acquired. The proof is that nowadays I am completing my studies of singing at the Liceu Conservatory.

Anna Guasch

ex-student of the School


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