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One of the keys to success in the Suzuki Method is its social aspect.
Indeed, learning always occurs in a social setting:

  • Parents are present in individual classes
  • Parents and classmates are present in group classes
  • Parents, colleagues, relatives and unknown people are present at the concerts.

This aspect of the Suzuki Method makes showing oneself to the public an absolutely normal and daily event, far from the panic situations that many of us have experienced in our learning stage in which we have normally had to suddenly go from the tranquility and confidence of the class, where only the teacher was, to having to face an entire audience in an auditorium, concert hall or even in much more everyday situations such as playing in front of family or friends.

This jump very often meant having to go through a situation of stage fright that in many cases has been traumatic.

Throughout more than 20 years of experience teaching violin with the Suzuki Method, I can assure you that I have never seen a similar situation in any student.

For children who study with the Suzuki Method, playing in front of many people is still a normal situation, since both individual and group classes take place within a social environment where there can sometimes be a good number of observers. Therefore, the concert situation differs only in the number of people.

Thus, playing in front of the public is always a rewarding experience for students who carry out their musical training with the Suzuki Method.