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“Alella viu la música” is a platform created in the 08/09 academic year by the Alella City Council, and Ressò Center for Music Studies, which generates educational activities related to music and music education.

Alella viu la Música today includes five activities:

  • Musical Theater, with weekly rehearsals throughout the course.
  • Instruments round, where the children of Alella have the opportunity to play, get to know and become familiar with many musical instruments.
  • Participatory Cantatas, where the children of the village have the opportunity to sing accompanied by a real orchestra made up of musicians, many of whom also participate in chamber groups.
  • Musical Theater Summer Camp, held during the month of July at the Fabra School.
  • Instrumental /Vocal Ensembles and Combos of Modern Music: an activity open to all people who, with a minimum musical level, want to enjoy playing with an ensemble. There are groups of all ages and musical genres.
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