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We have piano, guitar, violin and singing students who have enjoyed music for years.

Education is structured based on the student’s own needs and interests. In this way the repertoire that works in the class embraces a very large scope of styles and eras.

Education for adults of all ages has been a reference in this type of education.

Classes are individual and may be in the morning or afternoon.

Five years ago, without knowing anything about music, I asked Mr. Cuenca if I could get to learn classic guitar.
Now, thanks to his patience and very good teaching, I enjoy the music that I am gradually recognizing when playing the guitar. Now I regret not having started before. I’m 76 years old.


Josep Maria Caralps

guitar student

Some time ago I attended the piano class with my great teacher and very great person, Elisa, at the School of Music Ressó.

My experience from the beginning has been magnificent. I learned very fast, beginning to read scores from the first day! Elisa put a pentagram in front of me and started teaching me to read it. As I have already commented, my experience was, is and has been brutal!

I love the methodology that is used in this school, since in addition to the high quality of the teaching staff, their way of working with the student makes it very entertaining and willing to learn. You can not stop !!!

Conchi Piedras

piano student


A cozy and close space.
The school has excellent professionals who enjoy a great deal of learning about music, despite not having any previous musical knowledge.
Two years ago I enrolled myself and it was a success. In fact, I would never have thought that learning to play an instrument, especially when you are already aged, would become a place of absolute relaxation.
A great school for children and adults!

Elena Sánchez

piano student

Without having any knowledge of music, beyond listening and enjoying myself, I aimed at Ressò school, trying to get into this world.
A professional engineer, playing the piano was a very distant thing to which he was accustomed.
In just over a year I learned to play the first pieces of an instrument that I had never seemed easy. Many keys, two hands that make different melodies and that require interpreting two things at the same time, one for each hand! Everything is a matter of will.
At my own pace, adapting to my needs and progress in the instrument, the piano professors convey my passion for music and motivate me in learning in a relaxed, relaxed, and confident environment.

Thanks! Do not ever lose the enthusiasm you convey in your work!

Sergi Miquel

piano student


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